Jim’s Kriega Experience

In another life I was a Lecturer of mechanical engineering at Bordon, Hampshire near Alton, teaching Engines and heavy and light armoured vehicles to the MOD. I would ride my Gixxer to work in the summer with my stuff in a 35 litre back pack, (50mls). One way, the front has a zipped compartment covered by a Velcro flap to keep rain out, I would keep my Pass in there to allow me to get into the camp, so it opened and shut every time I entered and left. I did this for five years, the Velcro started to come unstuck and the front flapped as I rode the bike.I liked the bag a lot so contacted Kriega and asked if they recommended anywhere to repair it, they sent me a stamped addressed label and said they would look into it if I mailed the bag.It was back in a week, every zip strap and clip, including the Velcro flap had been renewed, with a my compliments slip telling me it was good for another 10 Yrs.Now that’s what I call service and a fantastic product, I will never use anything else.

Jim, Mudie. MSC. BA (ed) AMIME.